About Tn CallsLeonard Douglas

TN CALLS was started and operated by Leonard Douglas. Leonard has been an avid duck hunter for 60 years and was born right here in Tennessee in 1944. He has lived on the banks of Reelfoot Lake most of his life. Reelfoot Lake is right in the middle of the Mississippi Fly Way. Leonard started making his own Duck and Goose Calls in 1997 with the help from his wife of 49 years Gracie and his son Warren Douglas Jr. who has also been hunting and guiding in and around Reelfoot Lake for over 30 years. Leonards dream was to make a good working Timber, Swamp, and Open Water calls. Well he did it!! Leonard Douglas (after completeing his goal) has now decided to share these calls with the public. He is also retailing some of the best sounding inserts so you can make your own Duck and Goose Calls.