Roulette Systems Vs Roulette Software

As any game connected with chance and risk, roulette also has its own intriguing facts. Some of them may be very interesting but unknown for you. Here you can find the most unusual and unbelievable facts about roulette you play. Study them carefully and after that you may impress your friends next time when you will gather to play your favorite game.

There are some quick facts about roulette game that you could have never known before.

They are not too groundbreaking, but I suppose it could be a kind of interesting pub trivia. So, you may tell your friends that…

1. Roulette takes the third place among most popular games offered in the casino. The first two games outrunning it are slots and craps.

2. There are two kinds of Roulette Game. And European one offers better player odds than American one does. The reason is the extra ’00’ number of American Roulette.

3. Have you ever heard that Roulette is also called “the devils game”? It also has some reasons. Of course, it can be called so as any casino game connected with some risks. But the main reason is in its wheel. If you sum up all numbers on a roulette wheel you will receive a number 666. The other reason is the story about two brothers, owners of Monte Carlo Casino, who are believed to be sold their souls to devil. People told that they expected to receive all roulette secrets instead. judi online roulette

4. Its name roulette received from a French word “a small wheel”

5. One English man named Ashley Revell once sold all his property to go to Vegas and gamble there in roulette. That evening he won $135,300 betting on red.

6. Due to famous Einstein statement – “You cannot beat a roulette table unless you steal money from it.” It’s waste of time to use any roulette systems in order to win the roulette.

7. There is a five number bet in American roulette when you bet on ’00’, ‘0’, ‘1’, ‘2’ and ‘3’ on the table. And it offers you the lowest odds of any roulette bet – 7.89% edge to the house.

8. The roulette house edge is between the the 2.3% house edge of three card poker and 3.5% house edge of let it ride. A house edge of European roulette is of 2.7%.

9. The existence of world-famous game is accidental. It is believed that roulette game was invented as the result of unsuccessful experiment by Pascal in 17th century.

10. Red and black roulette numbers are so scrambled around because there were many mathematicians who tried to arrange roulette game in a fair way.


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